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Nicolas Bernière Artist-painter


A long time and patience is required to discover Nicolas’ work. In his pictures the eye travels among interlaced designs of bodies, waves, branches long before you are able to understand what is going on, it is the mystery of dreams and vital initiation for the spirit.


At first sight of Nicolas’ bas-relief, an emblematic form imposes the initial shape, tree, heart, waterfalls - if you look at it properly, it is  constituted of a myriad of modules.. On each of them the subject of the work is clearly defined, here and there by very fine colours, dynamic graphics but always executed with sensual material.


All this is twinkling delicately, transporting the spectator both to a visual and mental world.


Each part of the different pieces of these bas-relief is in fact a small magnet box easily to be taken off  the support. Inside you can discover  hidden tiny little pieces of wood, a little stuffed bird or sometimes a second tiny new drawing. All this increases the surprising romantic poetry and allegory imagined by the artist.


Faced with these images it’s impossible to carry on with the hectic rhythm of our stressful lives.

Invitation to a positive contemplation, surprises and pleasures for the eyes, Nicolas Bernière's works are teaching you how to look and by the way how to learn!


 Françoise Monnin, Art critic

 april 2009 

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