Nicolas Bernière Artist-painter

Born in Paris in 1970, 2 juily.

It is to Beaubourg, in 1977, that Nicolas discovers the painting to the fault the work of MIRÒ. At the end of the exhibition, he asks the guide if it is about a true profession there, a vocation was born.

In 1985, Nicolas integrates the college of the Arts and graphic Industries ESTIENNE from which he rereleases with engraver's diploma line-engraving in 1987.

Year 1988 sees him entering the workshop of Étampes where he becomes the pupil for three years of Philippe Lejeune, painter honored with the Academy of Arts of France.

In 1989, Nicolas submits himself to the entrance examination of the Fine art of Paris where he follows the lectures of the professors Debord and Fountain on the morphology of the alive as well as those of the professor Pincas on the technology of the painting there.

Year 1990 punctuates of journeys of study in Holland and in Algeria, notably with a time in the wilderness of Hoggar.

In 1992, Nicolas exposes for the first time in Paris around thirty paintings, drawings and monumental gouache around the subject of the Garden of Eden.

1993 sees leaving Nicolas for Laon (Aisne) where he dedicates himself to personal studies. He begins big compositions on raw painting in the acrylic there: series of the Dances, Angels, Sick Flowers in homage to Baudelaire. He participates during this year in several collective exhibitions and he works on a project of frescoes in of ancient mushroom beds beside J.M. Chamblay, a sculptor laonnois.

In the term of year 1994, he transfers his workshop to Tamerville, in Cotentin, where he prepares an exhibition with J.M. Chamblay for the space Tristan Bernard in Paris: series of Masks, Tétus and Tostaki inspired by the album of the Noirs Desirs.

The return in Paris is made in 1995 when it locks itself into the work : series of the Tie, Scatterbrained Fires, the still lives and the shells. During all winter, he participates in the market of the artists of the XIVth.

1996 moved in year rich in creations with the command of one decorations for the rehabilitation of markets of the Red Children, street of Brittany in the 3rd district, the obtaining of the Prize of the Jury in the competition Censier Daubenton (Faculty of Sorbone 2) and the preparation of Suite Senghor, a 10 metre fresco on paper, a big drawing on painting and a map of Africa for UNESCO, within the framework of the birthday of the president L.S. Senghor. He also integrates the pole Pi, a squat gathering more than 100 artists.

During year 1997, Nicolas elaborates and executes a fresco with the painter David Damour for the official reception of birthday of the African musician Rido Bayonne. In July, he is invited with a delegation of the Pole Pi in the artistic marathon of Nevers. He realizes on the ground, on the acrylic and the sand on paper, a 8 metre sea bed on 3 in 24 hours. He also takes advantage of the year 97 to work on several series: the Pi-geons and Ra-Pi-@, Snakes, Imitation leather Rose and Babylon. He ends the year by preparing an exhibition on the subject of Sea bed.

In 1998, he works on the portraits of the American writer J. Baldwin for the remembrance of ten years of his death, organized by Samuel Legitimus under the patronage of the International Theater of the French-speaking world. He also realizes the series of Roads, Desert and Animals, the suite Sabrina consisted of a triptych, nudes and portraits (7 details).

Year 1999 sees Nicolas getting down to commands for In. Foroonaz Galerie ( Washington). He elaborates the tryptique of the Fairies collapsed according to suits of theater. He meets hasard objectif the dressmaker Christian Lacroix and he begins to elaborate Dresses Puzzles according to models of Christian Lacroix's high fashion.

In 2000, Nicolas dashes into the execution of Dresses Puzzles at Christian Lacroix. He realizes the series of the Satellite Landscapes, then executes a fresco for the group Murmure (400m of wall) beside one about twenty artists among whom Popay, Miss-Tic and Mesnager. Having to install his workshop to Montluçon, he works on a series of landscapes. He is selected for the show of the critical representation 2000. Within the framework of the event My life for two organized by L. Quenehen, it realizes the series Couples (8 details). Late in the year, he organizes in Paris beside F. Beyreuther a big exhibition of 70 details around the subject of the Desert.

2001 is a rich year with the command of a fresco for the staff room of the hospital of Saint-Denis, the suite of the Collapsed Fairies, the series of full portraits, the collision at Babelle Nollet-Lecaudé of drawings, the installation of an aquarium in its gallery of the Swamp and a selection in the international show of Arts platisques of Angoulème. Nicolas also realizes the serie of the Insects which is worth to him being preset for the contemporary show of the museum of natural history of Paris. He goes then to Lyon where he works from the point of view of the city in material. He ends year 2001 by realizing a declension of the subject of Babylon

2002 Conception of the CD-ROM "Materials".

2003 Residence Horizon project - Allier - Conception and realization of the tree with boards, structures wood and painting 300x370x400 cm, merry-go-round of the archetype of the tree in the cycle of the seasons and the recycling.

2004 Presentation of the series Metro line 7 around thirty oil painting on painting of linen, a sudden meeting in the social silence, a situation of correpondances, and this distant solitude of nearness.

2005 Anatomical drawings patchworks, stickings and paintings in association with the doctor p. Hilligot, specialist in plastic and plastic surgery. Residence has the gallery Wandelbar - Suisse

2006 Elaboration of the big limp. Drawing puzzle constituted by a multitude of girls limp magnetized with surprises in the interieur. Discovered and put in volume of the pictorial space. Residence workshop simple gallery - Swiss

2007 Preparation of a collection of drawings. Carnets-livres edition - Paris. Realization of the tree box. Limp to magnetized drawings and serie of painting on torrents in wood, return in the material, the ecological pamphlet in eight paintings. The pollution is on the painting in the beauty of textures.

2008 realization of the city box about Paris, the pink box about history of art and love...the black box about the darkness of the world. Edition of a drawing sketch book.painting arround Hamlet from Shakespear, the last scene.

2009 Serie of paintigs about the energy of life in spring,Travel for study in NEW_YORK on the N.Y.C. box. Exhibition, two mons in the Feuillantine Gallery in Paris.Participation to the MACparis art fair 2009 

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